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December 2010

Pennsylvania Supreme Court declares insurance defense costs may not be reimbursable

Injured construction worker’s immigration status held inadmissible in deciding claim for lost future earnings

Insurance coverage for construction defects

Judge rules for insurer in Chinese drywall coverage dispute

Lexington Introduces Spoliation Insurance

November 2010

Additional Insured Endorsement Considerations for GCs

Unexpected faulty workmanship is covered

"Collapse" coverage ensues from excluded perils

Architect-engineer's duty to defend is immediate under construction indemnity clause

Limitations issues in construction law: staged dispute resolution provisions and a word of caution

Construction defects coverage

Homeowners' Associations: New Ruling Supports Compensation for Construction Defects

Lawsuit challenging legitimacy of LEED program could have major implications

Certificates of Insurance: A Risky Business for Additional Insureds?

Xactimate: Powerful Estimation With Ease

Chinese Drywall: Big Damage Claims and Big Insurance Coverage Disputes Ahead

China plays tug-of-war with U.S. over drywall

The role of insurance in mediation

Contractor beware: that "flow-down clause" may not flow as far as you think

October 2010

SC Hurricane Lab Demolishes Houses During Testing

Policy deemed ambiguous as to whether uncovered claims must be reported

CGL Coverage: Latent Defects and Continuous, Progressive or Recurring Damages (Allocation of Liability)

A first step in eliminating Chinese drywall

Preserving your lien and contract rights in the bankruptcy context

Homeowner has ultimate burden to identify wind vs. flood damages

Determining the Duty to Defend in a Construction Defect Case

Uponor plumbing brass is construction defect

Homeowners with Chinese Drywall problems entitled to Tax Relief: IRS

It’s Puzzling: Explaining a Statute of Repose for Construction Defects

What Are the Best Tips for Testifying as an Expert Witness?

What Is an Electrical Expert Witness?

September 2010

Recent developments in New Jersey contract law: pay-when-paid and pay-if-paid clauses

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission restores broad “controlling employer” liability in the construction industry

Homeowner's Lemon Laws

Indoor air quality: basis for constructive eviction?

NAIC reinsurance task force’s “reinsurance collateral reduction and accreditation recommendations"

New Developments in Chinese Drywall Claims -- Summer 2010

Builders may not be at fault - Lower courts make initial ruling on defective drywall

Ruling continues trend of courts strictly construing terms of construction contract

Protecting “Built-In” Trade Secrets

Construction industry impacted by the Miner Safety and Health Act of 2010

August 2010

CGL defense coverage for construction defect pre-litigation

Financial Products That Serve as Alternatives to Reinsurance

Physician links Chinese drywall, premature aging

Mediation of insurance disputes: wise or waste?

Chinese drywall coverage litigation proceeds apace

The Importance of Experts

Duty to Defend Encompasses Pre-Litigation Dispute Proceedings

Another Perfect Storm

Xactware Updates Estimation Software

Court Granted Insurer Summary Judgment On Policyholder’s Chinese Drywall Claims

Opening Thoughts on Statutes of Limitations on Construction Projects

EPA targets stormwater discharges on construction sites

Non-Standard Endorsements Can Have Unexpected Consequences

July 2010

Chinese Drywall Remediation Redux

Emerging green risks

Per Claim Self-Insured Retention

Reviewing insurance provisions for construction contracts

Law on construction trends in the 21st century

Statutes of Limitations on Construction Defect Lawsuits in California

Reserve claims under the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act

New Jersey Construction Lien Law Revisions Clear First Hurdle

June 2010

Chinese Drywall News: New Verdict; New Appeal; Insurance Coverage Updates

The Court of Appeal Makes a Bad Call

Americas Watchdog Blasts Homebuilders Who did Not Pay Taxes On Millions Of Undocumented Workers, Who Installed Toxic Chinese Drywall & Built Our Nations New Homes

Chinese Drywall Damages Alleged, Excluded From Homeowner's Policy Coverage

Take the Surprise Out of a Mechanic’s Lien

Insurers Fighting Among Themselves Over Montrose and First Manifestation Endorsements

Chinese drywall maker appeals federal judge's ruling

Chinese drywall ruling does not settle insurance questions

Judge: Policy Didn't Cover Chinese Drywall Damage

Condominium exclusion bars coverage for construction defects

Miami Supplier Knew of Chinese Drywall Problems

Drywall Report: China Samples Worst

Law Offers Alternative In Home Warranty Disputes

Did You Know…You Can Insure Against Non-Payment

May 2010

Insurers target drywall supplier in additional court cases

Pollution Exclusion In Focus In Chinese Drywall Litigation

Hawaii ICA Finds Construction Defects Are Not Occurrences

Beazer Homes settling with Chinese drywall maker

Governor Signs Bill to Limit Construction Defects

Statute of Limitations and the Construction Defect Action Reform Act

Making Claims on Green Buildings

Louisiana Bill Would Ban Chinese Drywall Cancellations

New Orleans federal judge finds for drywall victims 

Colorado Bill May Drive Contractors Insurers Out of State

One Sure Way Your Firm Can Become More Successful

Construction Defect Claims: An Update

Reducing Your Risk from Chinese Drywall

Apr. 2010

Making Claims on Green Buildings

Louisiana Bill Would Ban Chinese Drywall Cancellations

New Orleans federal judge finds for drywall victims 

Colorado Bill May Drive Contractors Insurers Out of State

One Sure Way Your Firm Can Become More Successful

Construction Defect Claims: An Update

Reducing Your Risk from Chinese Drywall

Green Building Movement Raises Some Construction Defect, Claims Concern 

Landmark Katrina Insurance Case Settled

Chinese Drywall Insurance Coverage Lawsuits Sure to Heat Up with First Court Ruling

Louisiana bills would ban drywall cancellations

Chinese Drywall Losses Could Be Significant, But Manageable, Says Moody's 

Americas Watchdog Invites Residential Construction Defect Attorneys Nationwide To Join In Its Construction Defect Initiative

Mar. 2010
Hot Issues in Construction Defects Insurance

Can a Contractor Shift the Risk of Nonpayment to its Subcontractor

Chinese Drywall and Insurance Collide

Insurance Policy For Off Plan Properties

Drywall evidence presents dilema

Architect Not Liable for Economic Loss in Construction Defect Case

The RRP Rule: A Significant Impact on the Restoration Industry

Feb. 2010
High court gets ruling right

Insurers 'Green Up' Gray Coverage Areas

Self-Assessment Signs for Chinese Drywall Corrosion

Jan. 2010
Testing the Validity of Assignments

California Court Clarifies Disclosure and Disqualification Rules For Appraisers

Senator moves to stem drywall crisis

New construction project arbitration program launched


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