Decks & Balconies Construction Defects

Safety is a serious issue when decks and balconies are concerned.  Making sure that a deck or balcony is structurally sound is a key aspect related to construction defects.  Water intrusion may also occur when discussing the safety of a deck or balcony as it may cause damage to both the exterior and interior of the home, leading to the unhealthy growth of mold. 

There are many construction defects related with decks
and balconies:

  • Improper nailing
  • Improper sheet metal flashing
  • Improper connection of deck to building
  • Failure to back prime wood members
  • Failure to install or seal deck drains properly
  • Failure to waterproof balcony and deck members properly
  • Failure to slope deck away from building properly
deck balcony construction defects