Construction Defects

Construction defects occur because of one of two different problems; a defect in design or workmanship, or a defect related to land movement. Defects are caused by design errors, faulty workmanship or materials include, structural component failure; improper insulation; faulty drainage; incorrect landscaping and/or irrigation; concrete slab cracks and/or leaks; stucco and siding deficiencies or incorrect instulation; water intrusion through windows, doors or roof; bug infestation; defective mechanical and plumbing; faulty electrical wiring; and inadequate firewall protection.

Common Construction Defects

Siding & Stucco

Problems become abundant when inferior grade product is used or when quality product is used, but installed improperly.

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Doors & Windows

Easily evident indicators would include stuck or fogged windows, cracks in the drywall or stucco around a window or door, water leaks around or through a window or door.

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Foundations & Concrete Slabs

When foundations and concrete slabs are constructed with defects it compromises the integrity of the rest of the structure.

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Molds are found everywhere and when there are active colonies growing inside homes, remedial action should be taken.

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Decks & Balconies

Making sure that a deck or balcony is structurally sound is a key aspect related to construction defects.

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Water intrusion through the roof from a construction defect can lead to property damage inside the house.

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Structural Components

The occurrence of construction defects may increase the likelihood and extent of damage to the structure as well as injury to those inhabiting the house.

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Plumbing & Electrical

Construction defects in plumbing, electrical and mechanical can cause life safety issues, as well as substantial monetary damage.

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Soil Movements

Severe damage can occur from soil movement, among those would include cracking and “heaving” of slabs and hardscape, and stucco and drywall separation.

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Water Intrusion

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Construction Defect Inspection