Doors & Windows Construction Defects

Windows and doors are often the first defects that the owners notice.  Easily evident indicators would include stuck or fogged windows, cracks in the drywall or stucco around a window or door, water leaks around or through a window or door.  Unhealthy living conditions may also be created with the intrusion of water allowing mold to grow.  

Here are some common construction defects
associated with windows and doors:

  • Windows leak at corners
  • Improper lapping of building paper
  • Use of non-galvanized lath
  • Inadequate stucco thickness
  • Missing or improperly installed sisal raft
  • Missing sheet metal head flashing
  • Improperly lapped waterproof paper flashing
  • Tears in waterproofing paper from overdriven staples
  • Failure to properly install flashing at heads, jambs and sills
window and door construction defects