Siding & Stucco Construction Defects

Brick, rock, aluminum, wood, vinyl and stucco are typical exterior choices.  These options are not only to make our buildings look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but serve a important purpose in protecting the actual building itself.  When our exterior selection is installed properly and with sufficient grade material it will last for years and give us little reason for concern.  Problems become abundant when inferior grade product is used or when quality product is used, but installed improperly.  Water intrusion is the major construction defect result.  Once water is allowed to enter through or behind the exterior it can become very problematic on the interior of the structure causing many concerns such as mold, cracking, flooding, odor, warping, and rot among them.  Our experienced consultants can inspect the problem area(s) and consult and/or testify on construction defect(s), repair estimates, insurance claims and appraisals.

Construction defects for siding and stucco include:

  • Stucco is too thin
  • Excessive cracking
  • Buried weep screeds
  • Discolored, stained stucco
  • Stucco condition allows water intrusion
  • Failure to back prime wood siding / trim
  • Brick and stone wainscots improperly installed
  • Improper installation of wood siding
  • Missing vapor barriers
  • Nails not corrosion resistant
stucco siding construction defects