Anthony Fuschillo - OSHA Construction Expert

Areas of Expertise:

OSHA, Construction Safety Issues, Iron Work

Anthony has over 35 years of construction inspection and investigation experience, including accident reconstruction to determine what and how the accident took place, with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  During his time at OSHA, over 98% of his assigned cases have been in the construction industry.  His investigation background has covered a wide variety of construction safety issues from workplace accidents to fatalities. 
Anthony was designated as one of the first criminal investigators for OSHA for which he trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glenco, Georgia.

Anthony’s extensive experience in construction and knowledge of safety standards make him a valuable resource to provide litigation and case support services to attorneys and insurance companies, including:

  • Research for litigating OSHA citations
  • Investigation of safety standards and regulations
  • Accident investigation and reinvestigation
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Safety training including 10 & 30 hour OSHA courses, accident investigation
  • Case development consultation
  • Shadowing of OSHA inspections
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Site evaluations

Construction Expert Tony Fuschillo

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