Charlie Campbell – Construction Expert Witness

Areas of Expertise:

Expert Witness, Insurance Estimates, Large Loss, Restoration, General Construction

Charlie Campbell has extensive experience in large loss / catastrophe situations. He has worked as Director of J.S. Held preparing estimates and bid specifications for more than 500 buildings in over 110 locations throughout Florida after Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew.

Charlie has also handled wildfires in California and flooding in the mid-west and in 1994 was heavily involved in the Northridge earthquake.

Charlie also has international experience working in Africa spending more than a month inspecting and writing estimates of building damaged along the front lines of civil war zone areas.

Prior to his time with J.S. Held, Charlie was a general contractor that specialized in restoration work. He also has worked as an adjuster and catastrophe manager for Allstate Insurance.

With Advise & Consult, Charlie will be based in Ohio and covering the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Indiana – along with large loss cases throughout the United States. As you can tell, he has many valuable and unique talents that he can bring your clients in your next construction defect and/or insurance dispute case.

Education & Experience:

Attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and studied business and engineering.

Criminal Investigation degree from LaSalle University.

Served in the United States Marine Corp.

Attended and completed the City of Cincinnati Police Academy and joined the Amberley Village Police and Fire Department where I worked as a firefighter and police officer with the department. At the same time I served as a volunteer on The Deer Park Fire Department both as a fireman and as an EMT.

I’ve attended numerous schools in police training, fire and rescue training and EMT training. I completed a two year course in investigative techniques including crime scene photography, ballistics, handwriting analysis, and fingerprint identification and classification. I was recognized as an expert in photography, fingerprint identification and various types of investigative techniques in the Hamilton County Court system.

I attended many FBI seminars that covered many areas of police work.

When I left the police department, I joined Allstate Insurance as a casualty adjuster and investigator. I attended the Allstate Home Office property school. This school covered handling and estimating property damage losses to various types of structures and how to write the estimates. After estimating many property losses including large losses, I designed a prototype of estimating a sheet that the adjuster could use to write a line by line unit cost estimate or a time and material estimate.

I’ve been trained on many estimating programs such as Xactimate, Means, National Construction Estimator and Marshall Swift.

One of my responsibilities was to train adjusters on how to write estimates in the unit cost fashion or in a time and material fashion. I also served as an Allstate Catastrophe Director.

I have either testified or given depositions in the following losses:

1993 Hurricane Andrew Food Spot Stores
1990’s Major fire loss Thoroughbred Container Corp.
1996 Major house fire Donna Baldridge
1997 Hurricane (1996) Marriott Hotel St. Thomas arbitration
2000’s Major house fire Ballesteri
2005 Hurricanes (2004) Ocean Harbor South
2012 Major collapse The Fremont Company
2012 Major fire loss The Flair Group
2013 Hurricane (2005) Villa al Lago
2013 Hurricane (2003) Regency Hotel
2014 Hurricane (2003) Regency Hotel (video deposition for arbitration)

As a police officer, I’ve testified many times in various courts.

Construction Expert Charlie Campbell

Charlie Campbell

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