Xactimate™ Roof Sketch Quick Reference

How to Measure a Roof for Xactimate™ Sketch PDF

There are several traditional methods used to measure surface areas for a roofing estimate. Xactimate helps to streamline the process of measuring roofs by handling much of the complex geometry for you. Understanding which measurements Xactimate requires will help you to reduce the amount of time spent measuring a roof structure and increase the accuracy of your roof diagram in Sketch. When measuring a roof structure that you plan to diagram in Sketch, it is helpful to remember the six-step process above.


How to Sketch Roofs in Xactimate™ PDF

There are multiple ways to create a roofing estimate in Xactimate. One of the most efficient methods is to diagram the roof in Sketch. When using Sketch to diagram the roof, you provide Xactimate with all the necessary dimensions to accurately estimate the roofing material quantities. Additionally, sketch allows you to include professional roof diagrams and digital images within the printed estimate. To Sketch a roof follow the six-step process above.

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