Insurance Claims Disputes & Appraisals

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Your expert witness team at Advise & Consult, Inc. has experience in the insurance appraisal process and served as umpire for insurance dispute resolution.  We have worked many insurance cases for a variety of different insurance companies.  Our consultants are versed with insurance claims and appraisals, including those involving lawsuits.  We are experienced in natural disaster, accidental, and other insurance claims and appraisals. Advise & Consult is proficient in Xactimate™, an industry leader in estimating software that produces clear and easy documents for you to read and understand.

Insurance Appraisal Can Be An Effective Insurance Claim Dispute Resolution Tool

There is a long history of aribitration, mediation and civil law suits when it comes to insurance claim disputes, and these tools have their purpose and time to be used. Another effective tool to consider - if the provision is included in the insurance policy - is Insurance Appraisal.

While Insurance Appraisal is similar to arbitration in that a neutral 3rd party is charged with the duty to decide the settlement, it differs in the number of people that is included in that 3rd party. Arbitration includes only the one individual and Insuarnce Appraisal has a panel of three to help decide the case. Each side in the insurance dispute is responsible for selection and payment of their individual representative. The last member of the panel is the Umpire, which is mutually agreed upon independant third person selected by the two Appraisers. The fee for the Umpire is equally split amongst the two parties.

Then this three member panel has the responsibilty to set the value of the loss. Hopefully the two Appraisers will be able to agree on a majority of the disputes. The remaining disputes are then brought before the Umpire, where that individual will then side with one party or the other, or can negotiate a level of compromise between the two positions.

The benefits of this process is that it is informal, flexible and removes any emotions that may have occured between the adjuster and the insured. It sets the value of the loss quickly which saves time and money, in stark contrast to other options.

If an agreement is not able to be met in an insurance claim dispute, then maybe an Insurance Appraisal is the tool that you need. Call us at 1.888.684.8305 - we would be glad to help you bring a quick and cost effective resolution to your insurance dispute. We have offices in Washington, California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Minnesota, Louisana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey and Connecticut.