Expert Witness Litigation Support

Construction Law and Insurance Claim Dispute & Estimates Litigation Support Equally for both Prosecution and Defense

We are prepared to offer litigation support services, including: expert witness testimony for trial, mediation, arbitration and deposition.  We believe that giving you a clear view of the facts, good or bad for your case, allowing you to understand where your case stands, makes it possible to prepare the best case going forward.  Our expert witnesses not only have years of construction knowledge and experience, but we have been involved in hundreds of legal cases all across the country.  We have the expertise to do detailed analysis and provide reports with the best and most comprehensive and reliable opinions.

The consultants at Advise & Consult, Inc. are prepared to offer litigation support services, including: expert witness testimony for trial, mediation and arbitration support, including depositions.  We are professional in our approach and we know the legal process, so there is no need to take time to train us on what is expected.  We are knowledgeable in commercial and residential construction, so we are able to give you honest and straight forward opinions.  With Advise & Consult, Inc., we give you a clear view of the facts, so you know where you stand, and can make the best decisions.  We have been in business supporting construction litigation for 12 years, involving hundreds of cases.  Opposing counsel respects our opinions, and our integrity is recognized and appreciated.  It is not unusual for our services to be requested by counselors for both plaintiffs and defendants, for builder/contractor or for owner, and to participate as expert witness by opposing counsel when they do not know that we have already been retained.

Advise & Consult, Inc. is a nationwide company with consultants in the following states: Salt Lake City, Utah, North Fork, Idaho, Boise Idaho, Hartford, Connecticut, Orlando, Florida, Vero Beach, Florida, Paramus, New Jersey, Minneapolis, Minnesota, San Francisco, California, Santa Rosa, California, Sacramento, Califonia, Oakland, California, Phoenix, Arizona, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Kalispel, Montana, New Orleans, Louisiana, Richmond, Virginia, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia.

We are happy to serve you no matter what state you are in or where your case is located.  We have been involved in hundreds of cases all across the United States and are ready to find the expert that will benefit you and your case most.  Feel free to email or call 888.684.8305 to have your questions answered.